Temp files consuming a lot of diskspace

Hi, Since our upgrade from 253 to 440 we notice that we get a lot of files in the following directory on the mendix server: C:\Users\antranceservice\AppData\Local\Temp Filenames are like: ImportedZipFileMx7093420044017508134ImportedZipFileMx In the mean time the total size of the files is 6GB and growing everyday. The directory name implies these are temporary files, but they do not seem to get cleaned by e.g. a restart of the application. What are these files and can we purge them? Isn't there a process that should purge them automatically. Kind regards, Brian
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I think this is a bug in the windows deployment, we've encountered the same problem. We found out after the service had some troubles starting up, took over 30 minutes sometimes.

fill in a support ticket to Mendix.


Hi, In our case the temp files turned out to be generated by a custom java process. The files should not have been created (and as such we corrected the code). Issue solved. I checked with Mendix and they indicate that files in the mentioned temp directory are always allowed to be deleted (except for the very recent ones since they might be in use at that moment). Kind regards, Brian