Template grid occassionally does not display an External link

Hi, In 1 of our forms we use a Template grid. The Grid contains a table of 1 row with 2 columns. The first column contains an External link with a caption attribute (regular entity attribute) and Virtual Attribute for the URL attribute. The second column contains a textarea with a regular attribute. Occassionally the External link is NOT displayed to the enduser. E.g. an end user sees 10 records in the template grid, and for 1 of the records the External link is not displayed. All other records are fine. There does not seem to be any logic that determines for which row the External link is not displayed. It is not specific to a specific row, specific record in the database and not specific to a user. Refreshing the form, closing and reopening the application do not resolve the issue. Reproducing it at will is not possible. It just seems to happen occassionally. Kind regards, Brian
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We had the same for images. Workaround is a css class with

display: block !important