Sorting reference set in a datagrid

Can I influence the sorting of reference set in a datagrid?
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You can have the grid sort on reference sets, however you currently cannot influence the order in which elements appear in the grid cell.

The client doesn't have a configuration parameter for this and and simply renders the attributes in the order they are returned from the XAS.

If you require this functionality you could enter a feature request in MXDN.


Do you mean the sorting of a column that shows values in a reference set?

In that case, I would suspect that the way the reference set itself is sorted determines how it is shown in the datagrid

So two rows that show values of a reference set will be sorted as follows

Arie, Jan, Rene

Bert, Karel, Simon


I believe that's not what i meant. If you have a reference set (selector) in a DATAGRID, can you influence the sorting? if you create a reference set (selector) in a DATAVIEW, you can influence the sorting by property.


Maybe I am simply not understanding the question, but you can sort a reference set in a datagrid in the same way as any datagrid, using the 'sort on' property.