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I have a webservice from where I recieve a bunch of string in a microflow. This microflow finds the correct objects where the name is equal to the string I get from the webservice. In the end I send the found object back through a webservice. This works fine, but I would like to find objects in a microflow where I only got a part of the name. Something like: "Find all customers where a part of the name is 'jan'. At this point I want to retrieve all customers where the name is: Jan, Derckjan, Janneke, Marjan etc. So I don't want it to be case sensative and I want the leading and ending space to be removed. I don't want to use Java. How can I do this?
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You can use the 'contains' expression in your microflow.

I would create 2 variables, one for the respons and one for the search string. If you make them both lowercase ( expression: tolowercase(variable) ) you also tackle the case sensitive problem.

The contains expression should be something like this:

contains($webserviceRespons, $searchcriteria)

Good luck!