Some thoughts on Email module, Email tokens template and iCalendar module

These apps are great, only I have one problem with them. Each app has its own mail server settings and creation of mail objects. We use all three in our application and we now have to check three places to see which mail has been sent to where. My thoughts are that there should only one mail app and that all other apps that want to send mail should use also this module. So when I want to use the Email tokens template I should also download the Email module. This way only one mail setting has to be maintained and only one mail archive exist to see which mail has been sent. Before I send a request to Mendix about this I would like some opinion on this. Anyone? Regards, Ronald [EDIT] 2013-10-22 It seems that the Email module has been taken offline and the tokens template module has now all the functionality of the Email module. So there is one module less :)
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I agree with you completely. Sending email via one standard module would be a logical but great addition.