list not being passed from sub microflow...

Hi, I have a sub microflow that invokes the excel import actions and the return value when shows all the records the import got from the spreadsheets, but when it reaches the top microflow, the value of the list is 0. I have breakpointed, debugged, etc, and at the return value stage it shows 18,000+ records, and then nothing!?! It works great locally though, but I'm having this problem on the client dev server. Could it be some security issue? I even changed the role to use the "configurator" for the excel importer just to make sure that it could do all the write it needs, but that didn't improve. The database table remains empty and then I get the error when it tries to read the supposed full table. Has anyone came across something like this?
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Found the problem. It was one of the commit activities. Somehow when we use the commit for a list, it fails with a null pointer. If instead of the commit activity, we loop through the list and then commit each individual object, it works. We had several of these list commit activities, and one by one were failing with null pointers, even though the lists were fully popultaed. As soon as we've changed the lot to commit inside the loop, all worked.

Looks like a failure somewhere in that commit widget. I'll check if there's already a fix on a more recent version. LR.