error on switching page

Hello, I have created a custom widget which implements the dojo-slider. Everything seems to work. However, when I switch to a different page (webform) in the menu, I get an error in the javascript-console: sliderslider0_slider.destroyRecursive: ERROR: Widget was not destroyed. Parent of this widget does not implemenet uninitalize correctly After this, when I go back to my slider-page, it indeed looks like my widget was not removed correctly, as I am getting errors when I call the MxObject.set-method. I have the impressions that I have either subscribers to the MxObject (although I remove these subscribers in the uninitialize object) or that I overwrite some Mendix property that I should not (javascript allows this, ofcourse). Anyone recognizes this error? Any clues?
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I had contact with support about this issue, but for some reason we could not reproduce it..

I think stopping and starting the Mendix Modeler has fixed the issue somehow (sounds like some problem in Chrome?).