Setting up a hosting environment

We are setting up a hosting environment and while the faq seems really complete i do have some questions concering the versions mentioned here. It prescribes debian 6 and java 6 and it does not mention a database, the latter is logical as mendix can have its way with a dozen databases. However i wondered if people have some experience (pro/cons) when it comes to postgres 9 vs 8. I would also like to know if there is any experience with ubuntu 12.04, we prefer ubuntu over debian due to it's long support. Then it also prescribes java 6, but as this has seem to go eol i wonder if it would not be better to use java 7 instead? Probebly the java version is also limited by the mendix version, what is the first mendix version to support 1.7?
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I cannot comment on the Ubuntu question. However I would go with the newer Postgres versions. Especially 8.3 I wouldn't use anymore, it's very old by now and went EOL last February.

As for the answer to your Java version question, it can be found in our documentation, quoting: "Starting from Mendix 4.1, we do support JRE 1.7 update 5 or higher." For on-site deployments you could look at OpenJDK 1.7 but note we haven't done extensive testing for this.