Simple Charts 100% CPU load

Hi, I created a relatively simple bar chart that retrieves x-values over a reference and y-values direct from the object. When a launch the form containing the Simple Chart widget the application server consistently crashes with a 100% CPU load on the java process. Anybody encountered this before?
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Did you use aggregate functions? The Simple Chart is a terrible widget when it comes to performance if your Y-value is a sum/count/... over hundreds of y-objects.

Just use firebug and you'll see the problem. All Y-objects are retrieved and aggregation is done client-side. The client has to loop through hundreds or thousands of objects to determine the aggregated value.

So my advice: If you care about performance never put unaggregated data into the SimpleChart widget. Instead: aggregate server side by using OQL and a helper domain object where you store the X and the aggregated Y value and connect the simple chart widget to that object.

This should be in the known issues of the widget because it can give issues on both client and server/database side.