Recall a variable in execlusive split

I transformed a enumeration into a integer value with the create variable tool in the microflow. The code written is for example: if $SurveyScore/QuestionA = MyFirstModule.THREECHOICE._1 then 6 (so every question can be answered with a 1, 2 or 3. In addition to which answer is chosen different scores are given (in this code a 1 is scored as a 6). The return variable is QuestionA (integer/long). Now to compute different types based on the answers we need to split the result. But when in want to recall my new created variable (QuestionA) which is an integer i can only recall parameters I inserted in the microflow and no variable in the exclusive split. Can somebody explain me what is happening and how to overcome this problem? I already found out that when typing the whole code into the exclusive split and split instantly it might work out as well.
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Tom - not sure how your microflow is structured, but if you created the conditional code in the exclusive split, you won't be able to reference that value elsewhere in your microflow. To be able to reference the results of that logic throughout the microflow, create a microflow variable prior to the exclusive split - put the results of the logic you describe above into that variable and use the value of that variable in the exclusive split. The variable your created will be accessible throughout the microflow.

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Mike - I created a microflow variable called 'questionA' with type integer before the exclusive split. But when making an exclusive split i cannot recall the created variable (only parameters are passing through the microflow and not the created variable). This seems very weird to me. It looks like the microflow does not count the created variable as a variable? But when trying to create another variable with the same name it says the variable already exists.

Nevertheless it worked out by using a exclusive split on the enumeration values instead of creating the integer values and then execute an exclusive split.

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