button edit properties - ignore security

hi guys, we've migrated an app from a very early version (v2433 all the way to v422). Soon will progress to migrate it to the very latest version, however we've noticed that every single button in the application now has an exclamation mark, which has the option to ignore security = true for the button visibility. We've not set these to ignore security and now the hundreds of buttons in the whole app have this "feature", which is not great as some roles are not supposed to see certain buttons, but now do. How can we reset this flag for all buttons to false in one automated action, as doing it button by button is going to be a painful process? regards, LR.
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If someone can do this it will be Mendix.

Edit: The modeler is closed so either you need someone to change the flags of all buttons and Only mendix can do this.

The only other option is to see there is an option in one of the conversion steps from 2 till 4. By the way, you need to check far more than these buttons. Pretty much has changed from 2 to 4, not for default behavior but for custom widgets, Java etc.


Hmm, strange that this option is set to true by default. Have you tried to do an import in a later Mendix version of 4? And how did you go to 4? From 2 to 3 and then to 4 or did you jump from 2 to 4?