Data grid form - Pagination buttons should be at the bottom

From usability angle, when a user is browsing thorugh a list, he/she often decides to go to the next page at the end of the data list. Putting pagination buttons at the top, forces the user to scroll up, which is not desirable. Any idea how this can be achieved? Note: This feedback also applies to the Mendix App store. When browsing through the apps list, I often have to scroll up to click on the pagination button to go to the next page. Also, only 5 apps per page seems too little.
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a while ago i've submitted a ticket (13966) about this option in the modeler for grids, it's scheduled for backlog.


Maybo not the most desirable solution, but if you want to do this in every datagrid, you could position the pagination somewhere else with css:

.mendixDataGrid_pagingStatus {

Doing this with styling has many disadvantages, but if you really want this and have the right css skills, you could do it.