Reference set in template grid

I have a metaobject "Banana", which has a referenceset with "BananaPeel". I'd like to display this relationship inside a templategrid. I know this is possible for datagrids (see System module where userroles are displayed in a user datagrid), but is it also possible inside a templategrid?
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It is currently not possible to use reference sets inside TemplateGrid templates due to differences in the rendering engines used by FormView and the TemplateGrid.

I'd suggest entering a feature request in MXDN.


This overview is already defined in the default System module. The System module is the module that all projects get by default on creating a new project.

The name of the form is: User_Overview

Please take a look at the form to create your own. It is important not to change anything in the System module, while this can result in failure of your project.

Good luck.