E-mail tokens version 3

Recently I added the e-mail tokens template to my project. However, now I try to run it and I run into java compiler errors. Therefor I deployed it for Eclipse and started checking what the problem might be and I run into two problems: The function EncryptPassword.encryptEmailSettings get called on two locations (EncryptPassword & DecryptPassword), but this function does not exist. The function DecryptPassword also imports the class LdapServer from an advancedldap module, but there is no reference to it from the documentation. This module is also not available on the app store. The problem with the LDAP server I solved by using the parameters from EmailSettings instead and removing the advanced ldap reference, but currently I have no solutions for the encryptEmailSettings function, since I have no experience on encryption / decription using TLS. Could this function be implemented?
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I had a quick look at the errors and this is a mistake by the creator of this module, the LdapServer module is irrelevant to this project and even if you imported it, the module still wouldn't actually function (though you might be able to compile)

The encryption error is easy to fix though, the EncryptPassword and DecryptPassword action both have a method that takes a key string (should be a 16 bit key) and a string to encrypt/decrypt as a parameter. These actions are actually made by me and copied into this project, for the original project and how it should work (including proper documentation) you can have a look at the Exchange client appstore module.