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Hi guys I'd like to create something to check if an account name is already used. But it has to check if the new name is similar to an existing account name. I'm trying an on change microflow in the space where you type in the name, but how can I retrieve the similar account and check it against the string variable I created? And when I'm able to retrieve correctly, will I be able to use the contains function to check if they are similar? Thank you.
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You can use a microflow to do that. Give the microflow an input string or an object that contains the account name and do a retrieve on the database on the System.User object using the following xpath [System.User/Name = $inputName] where $inputName is the name you want to check.

By default mendix already does this check if you commit a user object. This ensures that no duplicate usernames will excist. However i can imagine that you would like to do this check on the onChange of your new user screen giving the user feedback right away.