How to create a wizard?

Is it possible to create a wizard in Mendix? For example: a form to let the user fill in a lot of information in 5 different steps.
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The current version of the technology has no wizard support. But it can be done manually with conditional formatting. I think an example works better than explaining how to do it, so i've created a project with multiple (with 2 - 8 steps) wizard templates and it can be downloaded here.

Just download and deploy this file. Login (name = MxAdmin / password = 1) and click on a menu item in the wizard templates menu to see how the wizard works. You can export the module and import it into your own project to use it.


Hi guys... from what I gather... this wizardtemplate might just be the thing i'm looking for... but it won't load in Mendix 3.1.2 ... I've been looking for a more recent version but i've been unable to find one...

Does anybody know of a version for 3.1.2 ?


Try this wigdet