Form loader widget outside content area - dissappears on form change

Hi, I am using the form loader widget and managed to get it working without any real issues. I positioned the subform (formloader) outside the content area by a theme modification and it looks fine. However when I change main forms (via the navigation menu) the subform (formloader) disappears. I have to add the formloader widget to all my full screen forms in order to keep my subform (notifications indicator) visible throughout the application. Is my assumption correct or am I missing some setting that will allow me to display the subform without having to add the form loaderwidget to each (and we have many) of our main forms? Thanks! Brian
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It's a bug because sharenodeid is supposed to do that. Anyway we extend the widget but since there is no possibility to submit it as a new revision to the App Store you should have to contact me by company e-mail ( and I can provide you a form loader widget that has this possibility: one formloader, displayed on all forms (outside content area)


Your assumption is correct: if you have a form without the form loader widget, you will not have the subform, since there is no form loader (sounds logical, doesn't it?).

We have the same behavior when we use the form loader widget to display a navigation menu.


Hi Brian.

My index page contaims the extra div like this:

               <div class="MxClient_headerPane">
                    <div class="MxClient_logoPane png"></div>
                    <div class="MxClient_navbar" id="MxClient_navbar" dojoType="mxui.widget.Navbar"></div>
                    <div class="MxClient_navigationPane">
                    <div class="MxClient_toolbar" id="MxClient_toolbar" dojoType="mxui.widget.Toolbar"></div>
                <div id="usernameheader"></div>
Here is the formloader widget properties: widget properties

And here is the welcome_user form and what it looks like in the browser: form

You can right-click on the image to see it full size. Hope this helps