IE8 not rendering tabbed form correctly

I have a tabbed form, within a data view, with several tabs. There is a table in each tab. In the modeller there is a 'space' in the tab container between the bottom row and the data view control bar. The tab container is a constant size, though I cannot recall doing anything to make it so. In Firefox, the space disappears so, to the user, the control bar appears directly beneath the last row of the table. This is how it should appear. But in IE8 this space is present, so there is an expanse of white background between the bottom row and the control bar. Can anyone tell me how to get the IE browser to behave in the same way as Firefox and get rid of the unwanted space? Many thanks
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IE and Firefox can behave differently using the same css files, this depends on the css techniques. You need to specifiy a specific IE css file to control the unwanted behaviour.