Opening forms in a microflow and mobile

This question has been asked before a while ago here, but I am raising it again because it is still an issue for me. There are situations where because a process is a business requirement, you add it to a before commit microflow to ensure it always runs, rather than relying on the user to click on the right button to trigger it. For example, I have a requirement that when a support ticket is resolved, an email message is sent to the requester. This is not a standard message, but might include links to knowledgebase articles, screen captures or attachments, etc., so the workflow creates a new message record and opens it for the user to amend it before it is sent. This works fine in the web client, but of course it chokes in the mobile client because it is trying to open a web form, not a mobile form. The answer to the original question above was basically, don't open forms in business logic microflows. Whilst that might be good advice in general, there are situations where this is a business requirement, and currently this cannot be done in Mendix. Are there any plans to allow you to choose which form to open in a microflow based on client type, or to branch workflow based on the client?
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This issue is nonexistent in Mendix 5 because there is no difference between mobile and web forms anymore. So soon you won't have any trouble with this anymore.