Creating PDF document crashes Mendix App

I'm creating a simple PDF document by using a document template and strange things are happening. My laptop starts crashing after invoking the microflow responsible for generating the PDF document. When I choose to generate a word file, everything seems working fine and I can download the file without any problems. When I reset it the document type to PDF and invoke the microflow, CPU is rising to 50 - 60 %. When I debug the flow this happens right @ the generate document activity in my microflow. When my debugger hits the generate document activity it evens pops out from the debugger. Removing the breakpoint in the modeler returns an error. Anyone encountered this before? *EDIT:* After trying to reproduce the issue a couple of times, finally Mendix returns an error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space I fixed it by setting the max PermGen space in my project settings.
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