Record is removed when doing an inline edit on an object which has an AfterCreate microflow

I have a project object with a nested datagrid of issues. The issue object has an AfterCreate microflow that sets the caller by default on the current person. When doing an inline edit on the issue datagrid, the record shows but immediately disappears. When removing the AfterCreate it works. There is no other xpath constraint on the datagrid. Any idea what might be causing this?
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Hi Frans,

In the change action of your AfterCreate microflow, did you check the 'Refresh in client' option? If so, the client refreshes immediately after adding a new row, causing this newly added row to appear on a different location (depending on the sort order). You do not need to use 'Refresh in client' in an after create microflow. The microflow is executed before the object is sent to the client, which means that the client will already see these changes.

Let me know if this solves your problem.