login for Pizza Mario

I'm trying to eval Mendix and I've downloaded a couple demos (MyFirstApp & Pizza Mario).. I'm able to get them to run in 4.4.4 and 5.0, but when the site comes up it shows a login dialogue -- nothing I enter is showing me the app... obviously I'm not getting something, but I can't figure it out...
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Hi Nick

I haven't looked at Pizza Mario in a while, but if you're getting a login screen, you'll need to enter a username and password. Each Mendix app is created with an admin userid - default username is MxAdmin. You create the password yourself. To do this, look in the Project Explorer in the left hand side of the modeler. The first module listed is the Project - expand this. Double click security to open the security dialog box. Go to the Administrator tab to set your administrator password.

Hope that helps - Mike