Mendix 5 Booleans not evaluating correctly

I had a simple microflow working in 4.4.4. If a checkbox is false, open the form. If true, go to the next split, which determines if the next form should be opened or skipped based on a checkmark indicating it is complete or not. After the upgrade to 5.0, the first checkmark (true) is read as false. I went through the microflow and reselected the boolean attributes from the Entity to make sure they were set correctly in 5.0. This did not fix the problem. I reversed the conditions on the first Exclusive Split, so that True would open the form and it did open, indicating the database had the correct value in both scenarios. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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Seems odd, have you tried using the debugger to see what the actual value is at that point? If that doesn't help you solve the problem you can file a ticket with this issue so we can look into it.