Contract first XML web service?

Just starting with Mendix, looking for some essential features before diving in properly. I have a set of schemas defining the XML model I have to expose, and I'm trying to create a web service which takes one of my schema complex types and returns another. I can add a schema to the Mendix project, and map the schema to my domain model. But I can't see a way to expose a microflow as a web service, while specifying that the input and output entities need to be mapped to and from my existing schema, using the mapping I've created. Mendix seems just to want to create the XML interface itself based on the microflow domain objects - I want it to use my schemas. I had thought that the reason for having XML mappings would be to allow this sort of thing - is there something I'm missing?
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Have a look on this page for more info on exposing webservices To create your domain model from the xml first create an xml schema object using your xml and then in the domain model use the button 'Import webservice/xml file' to generate the model.