A button like Read more for text area.

Hi, I have a question. Let me frame a question by taking an example. An example of different Record labels. Now some record labels have small or short description, for example Candle Records and some have long description, like Columbia Records. I have a form that shows Recordlabels name and description. Hence name is a simple text feild and description is a text area. For short description, text area work fine, but for long... woof... Hence we decided to add a new button/link like "Read more...." On clicking on this button/link, this will enchance /resize the text area to accomdate the long description. Please note this behaviour would be same as facebook's Read more link button. Can someone provide me an idea about how to achieve this using text area ? Or is there any widget that is already created for this purpose. Thanks
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You could use conditional formatting to show a row with a larger textbox or textarea. Just toggle the row by setting a boolean with the show more link.


you could try the Textarea Autogrow widget in the App Store. It will grow and shrink based on the length of the text in the attribute. Alternatively, the Rich Text Suite has a Rich Text Viewer that may also work for this requirement.