Mendix 5 with Bootstraps

Can someone help me with bootstraps in Mendix 5.0.0beta6? On I recently download all files from United. Since Mendix 5 has less files in different folders, I don't know where to place the United files. This is how the map structure looks like, where I think it must be placed in: Deployment Javacource Resources Theme userlib widgets and the files: CLASSPATH PROJECT MPR LAUNCH I hope this informs you enough!
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Let me try to give you a quick tutorial:

Start new app -> deploy

Copy index.html from your /deployment/web/ folder to your theme folder. Create a ui folder in your /theme/ folder. Create theme-custom folder in your /ui/ folder Go to and save the css file in your /theme/ui/theme-custom/ folder (bootstrap.min.css)

Now open your index.html from your /theme folder/ and add the .css file to your header.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="ui/theme-custom/bootstrap.min.css">


This should work, see screenshots below

Folder structure: alt text

App Layout alt text