Deeplink stringargument starting with a questionmark (?)

I have a deeplink which is called by an application which adds parameters such as: /link/<deeplink>/?orderID=50001&currency=EUR I have configured the deeplink to usestringarguments. It seems as if the IMxRuntimeRequest does not accept the string to be a string. Probably because it interprets it as an http query string. When I remove the questionmark the string is accepted and I can parse it. Is there a way to handle this kind of return parameter via a deeplink as well? UPDATE: I found out that casting the IMxRuntimeRequest to a jetty.server.request allows me to get the parameters. Something like: Request jettyreq = (Request) request.getOriginalRequest(); jettyreq .getParameter("paramname"); Is it possible and would it make sense to extend the deeplink module with an option to allow for this kind of http query parameters? If so, should I file an RFC on the app?
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