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Hi all, I have a question, and I will do my best to explain it as clearly as possible. The situation is this: I have a calculation. In that calculation a datagrid is visible with all the catagories from the database ( no association to the calculation). On selection of one catagory, the associated subcategories are shown in another grid (listen to). On select of a subcategory the associated products are shown (also listen to) This all works fine. But i also have an entity called "Alias" which are search-words, associated to a category/subcategory/product ( or all of them ) example: Searchterm Bank, can be linked to Category "Wonen & Slapen" and to subcategory "Banken en fauteuils" Now, i want the user to be able to input a searchword in a text-field. Which then retrieves all the catagories, subcatagories and products, which have this alias associated to it. I tried using the treeview/gridview widget, but my calculation has no association to the catagories whatsoever ( and doesn't need any for that matter ) Ideal situation: 3 grids: Catagory Subcatagory Product Textfield in which the user can input an alias, which will retrieve all the associated catagories, subcatagories and products, and refreshes the grids. I hope my question is clear to you, and you can help me with my problem. Thanks for reading this wall of text :)
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I would use an extra search reference for this task. Create an search entity that has references to the user and the objects category, subcatagory and product. Now create the onchange microflow in the search grid that collects all the objects and sets the reference. Now you can do a view of the three objects by using the xpath on the reference.

Do not forget to delete all the references after the search (or keep them if you want to show your user what he searched for the last time.