Mendix in an international environment

Our Daywize HRM application is going international so we need to make some design decisions. The user interface is no problem. Translating that in another language is a breeze. But it is getting a different matter if the data itself needs to be presented in the different languages. I can come up with three different methods easily, but now the discussion what is the best solution? Now I know that some of you have coped with the same problems or are interested in this subject on how to achieve this the best way (or know in which case which solution is the best). Daywize would like to host a knowledge network day about this subject. We take care of the lunch and a drink afterwards. It will be at our office location in Utrecht, the Netherlands (see website Daywize). If you would like to participate drop us a mail at the mail address found on our website so we can contact you to schedule the day. It would be really nice is somebody could participate who actually tackled this problem in his or her application (and if somebody from Mendix would like to come that would also be appreciated). Regards, Ronald [EDIT] We have our first participants. More are welcome. I will bump this post once and a while to keep it on top. We have participants from Mendix, Intermediad, Nobel and Daywize.
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The day will be Monday august 26th. If you are interested and not yet have registrered send a mail to daywize (see our website).