Can I also include right aligned languages in my project?

I would like to add right aligned languages in my project (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, etc.). However, they are not included in Languages under Internationalization. Do you support right aligned languages?
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We're currently building support for right aligned languages. The first test version is ready and this feature will probably be available in the next 2.4 release (2.4.4).

Changes in the Modeler:

  • Added right-to-left languages so you can select them.
  • Modeling forms just stays the same, for now the Modeler doesn't show everything from right-to-left if you select such a language.

Changes in the AJAX client:

  • Everything is shown from right-to-left if the user is associated with a right-to-left language.
  • At the time of the official release information will be available how this affects creating your own theme package.

You could turn your monitor upside down, it goes from right to left and is unreadable... just about the same.

Alternatively try theming.


This is a duplicate question.

Mendix will support RTL orientation from 2.4.4 onwards.


Unfortunately not.