How to retrieve ModuleName and return value from current java method class?

I am trying to retrieve the return type of a Java action method. I can get the name of the class in the form of Java Module "tools.actions.UpdateSomething". I can also get the name of the return type by using the Module Name "Tools.UpdateSomething". Is there a way to get the Module Name of current class and/or get the return type of a method by supplying the complete class name? String typName = this.getClass().getName(); // tools.actions.UpdateSomething IDataType returnType = Core.getReturnType("Tools.UpdateSomething");
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It sounds like you're looking for Java reflection. That's a little offtopic for this forum, but you might want to check out what our neighbors at Stackoverflow have to offer.

Please note that if you're planning on running in the Mendix Cloud, you may not be able to run everything you want due to the security policies in place there.