Excel importer v3.3 in Mendix 4.5

I'm sorry in beginner questions. How to insert data into my Entity in Mendix 4.5? I tried to download Excel importer v3.3, but the v3.3 has caused error. How to use Term Server? I tryed it, but access error at Run time. It requires Mendix Partner? Is there step-by-step video tutorial? Eiji
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Sorry, let's close this issue please.

3.) video tutorial

 I found the video tutorials at Getting Started.
 My note-PC missed it.

1.) Excel importer

 Now I am getting understand of the errors.
 I didn't understand the relationship of
 "Entities of page"  and "Entity of table".
 And I didn't find how to do at the video tutorials.
 Anyway I will try it.

2.) Term Server

 Now I was successful to upload to the Term Server with easy entry and page.
 I don't know yet the url where I uploaded to Term Server,
 But I will look for it.