Cant access the app store from within the modeller (4.1.1)

We have no problem committing/updating to/from Team Server, but we cannot access the app store (or any other items, like tech tips - we get a message in the pane: 'unable to load the latest techtips'). Also, when we commit we get this message: 'Unable to retrieve the current sprint. you will still be able to commit, but you cannot link stories to your changes.' So I guess our fire wall lets us communicate with Team Server, but not the address the other stuff is on? Can anyone tell me what that address is so I can get our fire wall sorted out? If you think this isn't the cause, any other comments welcome! Many thanks, David
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Both the communication with the Team Server and with the App Store / Tech tips happen over https. The tech tips are located at: Can you visit that URL in your browser?