Excel importer v3.3 again

I've succeeded to compile it with MxModelReflection. But at 'importFile' button, it cause error as following; com.mendix.core.CoreException: com.mendix.core.CoreException: There is no object type selected for the template I linked ImportOverview and and TemplatesOverview to Admin. Then at page 'Import templates', I cannot set any value into 'Mendix object'. What does it mean 'object name'? or It means 'Entity'? What does it mean 'module'? Eiji
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For the Excel importer to work you need to also import the MxModelReflection. This module is needed so that all your entities, attributes and microflow are visible on the front end of the application. To set this module up you have to import it and make the form MxObjects_Overview accessible to the admin because to be able to see the objects you have to synchronize the Mendix model with the objects that are shown to the user.

Say for instance you have an entity in myFirstModule that is called Parent and you have selected to synchronize this module. Now you make an adjustment to the module to also add Child entity. Now you have to synchronize the MxModelreflection again otherwise the Child entity is not shown on the front end. In MxModelreflection you can choose which modules you want to synchronize automatically at startup.

Now the Excel importer. The easy way to set up is when you have already an Excel sheet with data. Now select Create new template from file and upload your Excel document. Lets say we want to import data of the Father entity. This is the Mendix object. Now if I have a column name Example and I also have an attribute Example in the Father entity you can use Connect matching attributes so that all the column names with exact the same name in the Father entity are automatically connected.

The parser you can use to adjust the data coming in to the right format in Mendix. This way you can change an incoming string to an enumeration in Mendix for instance. That is why also the microflows are synchronized in the MxModelreflection.

Furthermore it is good practice to do an import in a shadow entity. I would create in Mendix an entity where all the imported Excel data is put and then process this data to copy it to the real entity that is used in Mendix. This way you can control your import much better.

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Have you opened the MxModelReflection page, selected the modules to include and clicked the Sync Objects button? This populates the data about your domain objects, which is then available for the Excel module.


No, I don't know any function of MxModelReflection.
Now I am in the page 'Modeler information'.

I understand 'Module' now. What is 'Object name'? and What shoud I do?
Is there any manual of ExcelImporter?

Table interface of Mendix is no matter how great.
However I was surprised that this reload-data is difficult.


Thank you.
The Excel importer worked the first time.
However nothing is updated.

Before that, in the description of MxObjects_Overview page,
I think that it is easy to understand me instructions like the following.
Because I am a beginner and a foreigner.

   Select left-side Module and press the 'Toggle-module sync' button.  
   Then on left-side list,  the value 'no' will  turn to 'Yes'.   
   And press 'Sync object' button to generate Entity list of the Module.  
   So, you can enter 'Mendix object' field in 'Templates_Overview' page.

About a problem of nothing updated,
I created a xlc file from 'Export to Excel' button,
I added rows, and imported the xlc file.

I use 'New template by excelfile' button in TemplatesOverview page.
I tested all function 'Import action' field in Templates
Overview. However nothing is updated.

The test Entity is a Customer like just same as video tutorial.

What is the problem?