Deepclone members to keep question

I get a nullpointer exception when using the deepclone community commons java action. In the membersToSkip, membersToKeep and reverseAssociations I need to enter a string. But how is this string build up? If I have a reference named parentEntitychildEntity in module myFirstModule I would enter myFirstModule.parentEntitychildEntity ? And what if I want multiple references in this string? Are they divided with a comma? And should I give an empty string or just the word empty if I would want to leave an option empty? Regards, Ronald
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Members are separated by comma's ",", further, from the docs:

Clones objects, their associations and even referred objects. 

- Source: the original object to copy
- Target: the object to copy it into (should be of the same type, or a specialization)
- MembersToSkip: members which should not  be set at all
- MembersToKeep: references which should be set, but not cloned. (so source and target will refer to exactly the same object). If an association is not part of this property, it will be cloned.
- ReverseAssociations: 1 - 0 assications which refer to target, which will be cloned as well. Only the reference name itself needs to be mentioned.

members format: <membername> or <module.association> or <module.objecttype/membername>, where objecttype is the concrete type of the object being cloned. 


 membersToSkip by automatically contains createdDate and changedDate. 
 membersToKeep by automatically contains System.owner and System.changedBy

 Note that DeepClone does commit all objects, where Clone does not.