Theme switcher gives 404 not found in the custom cloud

I have a 3.3.6 Mendix project where I use the theme switcher. Locally all works. The three standard themes are shown and the one custom theme. But when I deploy to the cloud only the standard themes work and the custom theme gives a 404 not found error. Am I missing something that I need to adjust to get this to work in the cloud? I have adjusted the index.html and created the index-custom.html. And locally it al just works. Regards, Ronald [EDIT] This is the part of the themeswitch in the index.html <div class="MxClient_headerPane"> <div class="MxClient_logoPane png"></div> <div dojoType="mxui.widget.ThemeSwitch" themes="Custom;Basic;Dutch;Dark" label="Pick your theme:"></div> </div>
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The theme switch widget converts the theme name (Custom) given in the widget configuration to lowercase to create the url to the index file (index-custom.html). Make sure to use only lowercase file names for the index files, else it won't work on case sensitive file systems.

(Added the answer in the comments here for future reference)