Calendar widget does not show objects.

I feel like a real scrub, but I am running against 2 issues that are probably pretty simple, but highly elusive for me right now: 1) I started a small test-project for the calendar-widget functionality. The domain-model contains an object Event, with title, day, start, end, fulldayevent and a color-enum. This is linked to the widget, and as long as I created the object using a MF fro mthe widget, it seems to work fine. In the app where the calendar will end up, the user are entering these events already (but they are not shown as nicely). To simulate this I have a menu-option with a datagrid and new/change buttons, nothing fancy and the new_edit screen is the same as invoked from the MF...... however!! If I add an event through the menu, it will NOT end up on the Calendar-widget. 2) I am probably not going to use the "drag event to other location" option, but does anyone using the widget have a sample-dataflow on how the on-change MF should work providing the NEW Date and Time I am dragging the event too ?? 2) is resolved with the help below, it does however create a new question..... 3) when I drag around an event in either view it will correctly pick-up the new DATE and TIME values. When I click on the Calendar, the on_click MF opens a new-edit screen. In MONTH-view that will be completely empty (no date - no time prefil). In the WEEK- and DAY-view it WILL show the (correct) time(s), but it seems hesitant to pre-fill the date? Sometimes things turn out way simpler.... With the help of Ursula and Pauline we figured out that the problem was with the use of the Start and End parameters in the widget. I had inadvertently set those on the TIME part only in my domain model object. As it turns out the DATE part of that field is used to "plug" an event into the Calendar widget.... Thanks for all the help below!
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For part 2) of your question, the microflow should simple commit the selected Event object (the event object is a parameter of the microflow)

For part 1), I assume you have checked all the obvious factors, such as completeness of the data entered, any x-path constraint on the calendar data, etc? Other than that you could try adding a refresh event using the Community Commons refreshClass


Hi Lex... re: Part 3 of your question. The On Click microflow should be the one that fires when you click an existing event in the Calendar, and opens it for editing/viewing

The microflow to create a new event is the 'New event' microflow. Here's an example microflow used for a New event microflow

new event

For me, it always populates the full date/time of the start date for the new event. In month view it defaults to 12 AM