Feedback, Teamserver and branches question

We have one master model we use that we customize for our clients. When bugs are found we would like to know in which model this microflow is used. Mendix advised us to create a branch from the master model for every client. This way bugs are easily squashed in all other branches of the model. Since we use the feedback mechanisme for support calls we noticed something unexpected. In a branch we adjust the project ID so that the calls from this branch will end up the in the project of the right client. But when changing the project ID of the feedback widget the stories are still shown of the master model. Submitting feedback in this new brach will result in a new feedback in the right project but fail to show up in the modeller. Am I missing a adjustment in the modeller? Or is what we try to do not feasible? Regards, Ronald
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we ran into a similar problem, trying to get stories connected to the correct branch during commit. That issue was looked at, and I got the reaction that this was pretty uncommon and at that moment not something with priority to resolve.