Scheduled events

Hi all I've set up a scheduled event to send out reminder emails to users assigned to tasks. The emails are sent out 07:00AM on the due date of the task. In the form where I create the task, I also have a time selector widget that uses the same attributes as the date picker (StartDate, DueDate). The problem is that my scheduled event never kicks off, because in the SE microflow I create a variable using the begin of current day token and do a check to see if this matches the due date. But because I use the time selector, these dates never match up and the emails are not sent. I've solved this by using different attributes for the date and time, but is there another way to do this? Thanks
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Use the trimToDays() function on the attribute which also contains the time. (See documentation)

You may have to use trimToDaysUTC() if your scheduled events are executed in a different timezone than the user setting the due date and time. Scheduled event time zone can be configured in the project settings.

Alternatively, you can check if the attribute containing the time is between BeginOfCurrentDay and EndOfCurrentDay.


Can you please teach me more on The Scheduled am just getting used to Mendix.