Database Replication Module Problems

I've inherited a Mendix DB replication issue and I'm not looking for an answer so much as a place to start. The Replication product stopped working and gives the following error: com.mendix.core.CoreException: com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: replication.ReplicationSettings$MendixReplicationException: Error while processing the MetaInfoObjects: replication.ReplicationSettings$MendixReplicationRuntimeException: Invalid object key located, retrieved all objects for object: DatabaseReplication.Table but found an object with an unexpected key: 8|KEY|productcondition|KEY| | VERSION: 20130703 at com.mendix.core.Core.execute(SourceFile:232) I don't quite know where to start and I'm hoping somebody could just point me in the general direction. My guess is that I either start looking in: MxReflection (metadata out of sync) or Configuration of replication or Database level Is this something that is affected when changes happen in the "Synchronize Database Changes"?
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Hi Herman,

This error occures, as the message says, when the module runs into a key that it didn't expect in the first place. The module processes each key several times, when retrieving it from the foreign database, when evaluating the data internally, when retrieving it from the mendix database and when comparing the mx data objects with the cached records. During all these steps the module will validate if the keys are still consistent. If they keys are different from what the module expects you'll receive the error message "found an object with an unexpected key"

This issue usually occurs when working with SQL server, there is an option in the synchronisation to search case sensitive. However MS SQL server does not support case sensitivity. So when you use a SQL server database (foreign or Mendix db) you can't use the option 'Search case sensitive'. So please make sure this option is never checked.