Mendix Server Console

Hi all We have migrated our locally hosted mendix server to a new server, but now the service seems to stop/pause every now and again. It doesn't give any errors, it just seems to stop working. The service takes forever to stop, and often doesn't get to the “Logging Disconnected” in the service console. It then seems to time out and we can’t start it again for a while. We thought it might have something to do with the SE pulling the server down, but after checking the log files, we are not sure anymore. When this happens and I try to stop the service, it displays and error saying: Cannot stop mendix-live service on computer. Cannot accept control messages at this time. Could this have something to do with the IIS configuration? Any ideas at all? Just noticed something, there is a difference between the log levels on the old server and the new server. For some reason sub microflows are being pulled through as log nodes on the new server? If i select log level as none on each of them(microlfows) and I restart the service, they just reappear. Seems they pull through as soon as they are triggered. Thank you.
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