When is the final release of Mendix 5 planned

It's been about six weeks since the release of Mendx 5.0.0 beta 6. Since then their has been complete radio silence about any upcoming releases. There has been no information about this through mail, internet or supportportal. We want to develop a possible new project with Mendix 5. Current release has some issues which prevents us from doing so.
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Is the next Mendix 5 beta version still planned for this month?

I'm asking because we are using it for our newest apps and sales demo's but we are finding more and more bugs in the modeler. To be honest we are also a little worried at the amount and nature of these bugs in the latest Mendix 5 beta (7).

I hope these bugs will disappear, but won't delay the release of Mendix 5.


We are indeed about to release a next beta version. We processed a lot of feedback, stability has been improved as well as the conversion of projects from previous versions.

Next release will be 4.6.0. After that we will probably have one more Mendix 5 beta before we do a release candidate of Mendix 5.


Any idea when the Mendix 5 release (candidate) is planned. Do we have to think in weeks or in months?

This because we have to make a decision to start the new project with Mendix 4.x or Mendix 5.x Some Mendix 5 features are relevant for this project and we want to minimize the redundant work we have to do when starting with mendix 4.x (styling, navigation, mobile). We have to be sure Mendix 5 is officially released before the production release of the new app !