executeMicroflowInBatches xpath

Hi I'm trying to use the execute microflow in batches form the community commons, and I'm able to get the list from the xpath when looking at all records from a table, but would like to pass in the xpath to retrieve only records part of an association. Tried a few things but keep getting exceptions. I need to retrieve this (all jobs that are associated with JobFile): [PipsAndSubbies.Job_JobFile = $JobFile] What's the best way to set the xpath. I've tried '//PipsAndSubbies.JobJobFile = $JobFile' I've tried '//[PipsAndSubbies.Job[PipsAndSubbies.JobJobFile = $JobFile]' and a few other things... help?! Thanks. LR.
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The first one should do the trick [Module.Object_AssociatedObject = $AssociatedObject] will retrieve all objects that have an association to $AssociatedObject.

Edit: Because it is a java action you call it needs to be full xpath, so use something like.

'//PipsAndSubbies.Job[PipsAndSubbies.Job_JobFile/PipsAndSubbies.JobFile/name = '+$JobFile/name'+']'

Also because you cannot select the actual mendix id within mendix and mendix will not allow you to set an object inside a string you cannot compare the object to an variable. Rather you should have a unique attribute that can be used to retrieve your JobFile.