Can I make my own styling

Can i make my own theme package or is it something that only mendix technicians can make? And how can I make my own theme package, is there a manual of some sort?
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Yes, in the Modeler you can select a theme package in settings -> project settings -> Theme package location.

You can create theme packages yourself. We have a manual available explaining how to do this. You can download the manual here (pdf).


Yes, you can.

The UI for any given web client is based on a simple HTML index file with CSS import statements and a few layout elements. You can change layout in this file and override any CSS by importing your own CSS file(s).

If you package your own files in a ZIP file (generally referred to as a theme package), you can include it in the deployment phase by following the steps Johan mentioned.


Thank you for the awnsers but i still don't know where I can find the manual.