Checkbox set selector

Hi, I will try to explain it to the best. I am new to checkbox set selector. I have a problem that is, there are three entities A, B, and C. What I am trying to do is in a data view of entiity A, i am using a reference selector and connecting to the attribute(a) of entity A and on selection of that attribute(a), i want to display the list of details of B and C which are related to that attribute(a). To do this i am using check box set selector but it displays the list of all details of B and C that are saved in database but I want only the details that are associated to the selected attribute of A to be displayed, which i am selecting from the reference selector. Please can anyone help me where I am going wrong or is there any other better way to do this. Thanks in advance.
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I assume that with attribute(a) you actually mean a reference to a diferent entity? If that is the case then i would do the following.

Add a nested data view that is the reference between A and whatever. Then add an onchange microflow on the reference selector which refreshes your A object. From here you can add the reference set selector checkbox thing to the dataview of B. Make sure you add an xpath to your reference set that limits it to only show the currently connected entities.