Dynamic data grid for custom search

Hello, I have a related question to the Data View with nested Data Grid over association. Suppose I create the List of Results in Mendix Microflow, how do I inject this List of Results through the association to the entity on which I created my View? Right now, the way I do it is as follows in a Microflow but the grid won't show anything: Both SearchRequest and SearchResult are non-persistent entities Create SearchRequest Retrieve List of SearchResult by Association SearchResult_SearchRequest Create SearchResult1 (with some dummy values) Create SearchResult2 (with some more dummy values) Add SearchResult1 to ListOfSearchResult Add SearchResult2 to ListOfSearchResult Show Form (which contains Data View on SearchRequest with a nested Data Grid on SearchREsult by Association) The page does not have any values in the grid Thanks, Shrinivas
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Why add your SearchResult objects to a list? You would set a reference on the SearchResult entity pointing to the SearchRequest entity and "commit" your searchresult entities?