Can I constrain a form on a reference set selector?

I have a datagrid form used by a reference set selector & I have added the following xpath constraint so that the form does not display values which have already been selected: [not (Account_PriceList/Account)] The meta object connected to the form is PriceList, and the reference set association is from Account to PriceList. This constraint works if I open the form from a menu option (i.e. I only see values which have not already been added to a reference set), but not when I open the form from the reference set selector. Why is that? And (how) can I achieve the desired result? Thanks.
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I think I just found the answer to my own question. I need to apply the xpath constraint to the reference set selector itself, on the dataview form, rather than to the datagrid form which the reference set selector invokes. So an xpath constraint on a reference set selector applies to the popup form which the reference set selector invokes and not to the data actually displayed in the reference set selector itself. Could anyone confirm that this is in fact correct. Thanks.