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2 entities House and Door. 2 Associations between them. A house has a main door. A house has many other doors. I have a data view for editing a house. In there I made a grid for other doors and made a form to add/edit other Doors. But how can i reuse this form to edit the Main door? I was hoping if the inner dataview could let me pick an existing form. But no luck there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You can't reuse it directly as it would be working on a different association, so you would need to do some amount of rework (copy the form, change the association it is using, etc.)

One thought/idea/question - is there a reason you couldn't have a boolean attribute on the Door entity to indicate if a door is a the main door? This way you could have one association. You could build a microflow to run after commit on the door entity and set all other doors to false if the door that was just committed is true.