XML Export

Hi, I am using XML Export for the first time. I have some questions as listed below; If I select the XSD source as XML Schema than before that I need to add a .xsd file in the XML Schema. Do I need to create the .xsd file? 2.How can I create a .xsd file (I don't know XML, do I need to learn XML to do this)? How can I export database to XML and than retrieve it in future to show the records. After exporting the XML file and saving it, how can I retrieve it in future to show the saved records from that XML? Do I need to import that XML into the dataview or any other template format? I am following the steps according to the documentation (How To: Configure a Domain-to-XML mapping) https://world.mendix.com/display/howto40/Configure+a+Domain-to-XML+mapping but got stuck on the .xsd file? Please can someone help me out and also suggest me if I am on the right way. Thanks in advance.
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