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Hi, I am using XML Export for the first time. I have some questions as listed below; 1] If I select the XSD source as XML Schema than before that I need to add a .xsd file in the XML Schema. Do I need to create the .xsd file? 2] How can I create a .xsd file (I don't know XML, do I need to learn XML to do this)? 3] How can I export database to XML and than retrieve it in future to show the records. 4] After exporting the XML file and saving it, how can I retrieve it in future to show the saved records from that XML? Do I need to import that XML into the dataview or any other template format? I am following the steps according to the documentation (How To: Configure a Domain-to-XML mapping) https://world.mendix.com/display/howto40/Configure+a+Domain-to-XML+mapping but got stuck on the .xsd file? Please can someone help me out and also suggest me if I am on the right way. Thanks in advance.
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Often a XSD file is provided with an XML file or the XML-provider can provide that.

2) You can create an XSD by hand or from an XML file on internet. Just drop you XML file and it will create an XSD. It is often not complete, but can be used as starting point. see FF or XMLForASP as samples. 3)

You can create an domain to XML schema if it is about export Mendix to xml.


In Mendix data is stored according to the domain model, no need for external XML data sources. After import you can see the data in standard Mendix overview(datagrid)


Create an entity that stores the raw XML data, process it further in the application.